Maker at the crossroads of design and technology.

  • Prototyper and UX / UI designer driven by data.

  • Highly proficient in Adobe XD as a tool for fast prototyping.

  • Practical experience with design thinking methodologies for product and service innovation, including user-understanding tools:
    - empathy map
    - persona analysis
    - user journey map
    - service blueprint

  • I have experience with

    - Sketch, the Adobe Creative Suite, Processing, Max/MSP;

    - Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware;

    - basics of HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla JS programming languages.

  • I'm trilingual, I can speak fluent Spanish, English and Mandarin.

  • I’m highly organized, a natural leader, and have an entrepreneur’s bias toward action and problem solving.

I was born and raised in Guatemala. I graduated in Business Psychology at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in 2014. I've always been interested in understanding human behavior. My degree provided me with tools and insights that were helpful to be knowledgeable of how consumers and users decide and the effect that the design experience has on the process. 

I had to work to pay my way through college and this gave me the opportunity to become entrepreneurial. I began working at the library of UFM and then I worked for the content production of the media division. Shortly after, I was offered a job to help develop Heuristica, a project with the mission of promoting entrepreneurship as a way to propel the economy into the future of Guatemala. I was the Coordinator and with the Director, we developed a hands-on, experiential program that took entrepreneurs through the process of creating a startup.

With winning Bootcampers at MIT Global Startup Workshop Elevator Pitch Competition

We used tools like the Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, and many others to help them through the validation process of a business model. Heurística offered 23 Boot Camps, and I worked on 20.  We customized different programs and designed a personalized experience for various segments.

One of our Boot Camps was focused on social entrepreneurship and participants had to create business solutions to decrease the malnutrition index in Guatemala. We hosted social entrepreneur Paul Polak as a guest who helped them along with their research and provided them with useful insights and validation for the design process of their projects. It was an amazing experience and an eye-opening chance for me to understand the valuable role of entrepreneurship for problem solving and economic growth not only in developing countries but everywhere. I became inspired and I started learning tools like human-centered design to generate actionable ideas that have a big impact.

BTL - Program release marketing campaign in which we partner with Guatemalan entrepreneurs to set a hot air balloon on campus to create brand awareness.

In addition to Heuristica, I worked for almost five years as the Marketing Coordinator of the Master’s Degree Programs for the UFM School of Business. With the Director, we created strategic planning through inbound and outbound marketing including online and printed national and international campaigns. I had to become a design strategist to overcome the challenges we faced. I learned how to understand the customer experience of acquiring a Master's Degree in a time in which 1) the market is highly competitive, 2) marketing has become a more inbound process and 3) online platforms have become more efficient and predominant.

I'm used to an entrepreneurial life. My jobs were measured by accomplished goals and I had to bootstrap in both, giving me the chance to learn new skills like video editing and production that opened doors to other opportunities. 

Antigua Trading Co., handcrafted adventure goods from Guatemala.

I had the opportunity to co-create with others, meet inspiring people and learn constantly in an environment where trial and error was the motor to learn. It was a challenge because it's hard to have two jobs, especially in the same organization. But it was also a good opportunity to learn from two different worlds: the traditional and the disruptive.

In 2015, I co-founded a profitable weekend passion project, designing and exporting high-end handcrafted leather goods that bridge modern minimalist design with traditional Guatemalan textiles. We had to close it down after both of us founders were thinking of moving out of Guatemala.

UnSchool of Disruptive Design Summer Fellowship focused on systems thinking and sustainability, NYC 2015.

My studies in psychology and my work in marketing and entrepreneurship propelled my interest in the of field  Human-Computer Interaction and design. I studied with online courses, read books, and attended fellowships and activities to learn about User-Centered Design, Systems thinkingService Design and Design Thinking. 

I knew that to learn more I had to focus on developing my technical skills. In 2016, I earned a competitive international full scholarship, which allowed me to move to Taipei to learn Mandarin and earn my Master’s  Degree in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Design.

I learned the fundamentals of coding to understand the frameworks that make technology work and to be able to validate and make my ideas tangible.

As I’ve advanced in the development of my technical skills, I’ve learned to work with the complexity of today’s world to build technologies. Most importantly, I’ve discovered the value of understandable and effective user interfaces to create coherent, functional and delightful experiences.

Contact me if you would like more information or are interested in working a project together.