Entrepreneurship / Heurística

Coordinator (from 2012 to 2016) at Heurística UFM, a project with the mission of promoting entrepreneurship as a way to propel the economy into the future of Guatemala.

  • Helped design 20 customized programs and a personalized experience for each participant (program structure, learning journey, team-building, mentoring, feedback and follow up, post-experience community building, investor relations, media kits).  

  • Developed annual planning.

  • Handled complex logistics, planning and scheduling activities and managing teams. 

  • Coordinated the recruiting, application, and selection process of participants.

  • Monitored the sessions and participants’ progress. 

8 Entrepreneurial Boot Camps: 12-week hands-on, experiential programs that takes Entrepreneurs of All-Ages through the process of creating a startup.

4 Teens Boot Camps: Intensive 1-week program to help teens discover the entrepreneur within them and maximize their potential.   

1 Social Entrepreneurial Boot Camp: 18-week Boot Camp with Social Entrepreneur Paul Polak as guest ('Finding a Business Solution to Decrease the Index of Malnutrition in Guatemala')

7 Custom programs to learn an entrepreneurial mindset for partners including the Culinary Academy of Guatemala, academic partners like UFM's Entrepreneurship DegreeActon MBA and MPC.

A personalized experience for each Boot Camp participant

We validated and develop a personalized track for each program and customized content for the different groups of participants. 

35 Entrepreneur of the Month Talks Organized

Organized monthly talks in which entrepreneurs shared their success stories, experiences and the biggest lessons learned from failure. 

Below the Line (BTL) Strategic Marketing 

Supported coordination of 3 Below the Line (BTL) strategic marketing campaigns

Social Media





I managed the social media presence for Heurística for four years, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We updated this page weekly with new content.





Marketing Campaigns from Heurística

I helped develop more than 10 campaigns for Heurística in which I had the opportunity to learn from freelancers and marketing agencies to generate different visuals and formats. 


Planned events with partners to promote networking between entrepreneurs, investors and mentors (MIT GSW, Global Student Entrepreneur Award, Startup Weekends).

Startup Weekend Guatemala City 2014

Startup Weekend Guatemala City 2014

MIT GSW Guatemala City 2015

MIT GSW Guatemala City 2015

Guatemala Chapter Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2016 - Entrepreneurs' Organization Global Competition

Guatemala Chapter Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2016 - Entrepreneurs' Organization Global Competition