Heurística / Entrepreneurship

I coordinated more than 1500 days of activities and helped design the experience of 20 customized programs.

20 Boot Camps

8 Entrepreneurial Boot Camps: 12-week hands-on, experiential programs that takes Entrepreneurs of All-Ages through the process of creating a startup.

4 Teens Boot Camps: Intensive 1-week program to help teens discover the entrepreneur within them and maximize their potential.   

1 Social Entrepreneurial Boot Camp: 18-week Boot Camp with Social Entrepreneur Paul Polak as guest ('Finding a Business Solution to Decrease the Index of Malnutrition in Guatemala')

7 Custom programs to learn an entrepreneurial mindset for partners including the Culinary Academy of Guatemala, academic partners like UFM's Entrepreneurship DegreeActon MBA and MPC.

A personalized experience for each Boot Camp participant

35 Entrepreneur of the Month Talks Organized

Below the Line (BTL) Strategic Marketing 

Social Media





I managed the social media presence for Heurística for four years, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We updated this page weekly with new content.

Campaigns from Heurística

I helped develop more than 10 campaigns for Heurística in which I had the opportunity to learn from freelancers and marketing agencies to generate different visuals and formats.