Learning & Adventures


Girls in Tech: Hacking for Humanity

Hackathon organized with the specific purpose to collaborate on projects including applications, software, hardware and solutions addressed to solve problems for minority groups.

MIT Media Lab  Mobility++ Hackathon 2018

46-hour Hackathon organized by MIT City Science Lab and Taipei Tech University in which teams of designers, makers, and hackers participated to build a prototype focused in enhancing mobility in cities. We built a sensor system that detects the number of pedestrians waiting to cross the street and adjusts the time of the traffic lights to guarantee their safety.

IoT x Smart Logistics Workshop 2018

Smart Logistics concern the various aspects of end-to-end logistics and supply chain management in the context of Industry 4.0. During this workshop we applied design thinking and fast prototyping methodologies to understand how smart technologies can improve efficiency in processes in Industry 4.0.

Women in Business - British Chamber of Commerce

Participated in Women in Business activities organized by the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei to promote and grow the ecosystem in Taiwan.

Workshops in Taiwan

During my masters, I was able to contribute to several projects in the National Taipei University of Technology design research lab. These projects included implementing design thinking methodologies and service design tools as approaches to better understand the problems we were trying to solve and the users we were designing for.

Women Who Code - Activities

During winter break of 2018, I spent one month in New York City where I had the opportunity to attend several activities hosted by different organizations in partnership with Women Who Code that were not only related to software development but also to topics like entrepreneurship, design and prototyping.

UNSCHOOL NYC Fellowship 2015

In 2017 I attended RISE, the largest tech conference in Asia. During the event I shared with entrepreneurs and startups their stories and experiences. It was a valuable opportunity to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Asia and to share with others in the activities focused in women in tech.

7-day intense and immersive learning experience focused in activating skills for creative systems change. The fellowship took place in NY and with a group of like-minded and amazing mentors from a variety of fields we learned game-changing skills for active participation.

Abroad Experiences 

Immersive Experience & Field Trip to Taitung

Participation in immersive practical agricultural learning program designed by KIST Tao-Yuan Elementary School in Taitung and Taiwanese Indigenous ‘Bunun’ ethnic group. During the activity we did a service design evaluation to understand how to improve and innovate the program.

Coworking - Coliving experience in Thailand

During July of 2018, I spent summer break co-working from Koh Lanta, Thailand with my partner. During that time, I built and launched 4 landing pages, conducted market research, and did a full UI/UX design for Makesoil.org, a platform for community composting.

CISV Village Camp

I’ve been part of projects like CISV, a global, volunteer-led organization committed to working for a fairer and more peaceful world. As a leader of a summer camp, I traveled to Norway in 2012 and developed greater respect and understanding for inter-cultural differences and similarities with people from different countries.

Common Hope

As a believer that education is a pillar for a country's development and that like the saying says "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, for three years I sponsored the education of Franklin Adan, a Guatemalan child, through Common Hope Organization. I visited him during those years and stayed in touch to know about his progress.


I've participated several times in TECHO, a non-profit organization that volunteers to help communities by providing funding and construction of transitional homes in Latin America. During weekends or holidays we would travel to remote areas of the country and we would build houses and have an active involvement with the communities by mentoring people on how to make a better use of their resources.

Association of Guatemalans in Taiwan

Member of the Committee of the Association of Guatemalans in Taiwan whose purpose is to provide a support network to the community of Guatemalans living in Taiwan. We want to create a strong stablished communication channel to keep the community connected and updated with opportunities, events and activities.

Team Max - Dragon Boat Taiwan

In 2017 I joined “Team Max” Dragon Boat team in Taiwan. Practicing this ancient Chinese sport was a great opportunity to immerse myself in the culture, improve my language learning and work with a team to achieve a shared goal . This allowed balance between my academic and personal life.

Mandarin Training Center and Taipei Tech

In 2016, I was awarded a full scholarship to learn Mandarin and obtain my Masters in Taiwan. I completed an intensive program to learn Mandarin at NTNU’s Mandarin Training Center. I successfully earned level 2 in the TOCFL. Later on, I did my Master’s degree in HCI and Interaction Design at Taipei Tech University. The program was taught fully in Mandarin.

Friends Around the World

I’ve also participated in projects like Friends Around the World, an exchange program for studying English abroad. In 2004, I spent around five months in Minnesota with a host family and attended a private school in which I participated in different day-to-day activities that allowed me to improve my English and communication skills.